My background is steeped in a passion for the countryside, particularly the birds and animals that live within it and the relationship we have with the animals we share our lives with, our pets, working animals and livestock.

As a small child, my fascination for birds is probably the first passion I held and still do, I would watch them closely, loving their feather patterns and the different way they flew and would doodle away at home, trying to recreate what I had seen. This soon extended to almost everything with fur or feathers as I got more proficient at drawing and my grandma, who was also an artist, bought me a box of watercolours and sable brushes for Christmas. That was it! I was just like Grandma, A Proper Artist!

I enjoyed the pleasure that it seemed to give my parents if I drew them a Birthday Card or just a picture I had done that somebody would remark on that, for my age, was very good. I realised that drawing birds and animals was something that perhaps I could do that not everybody else could do.

I have two working spaniels and early each morning we walk a couple of hours through the woodlands and fields near my home. This is what continually feeds my inspiration and passion and every day I see and learn something new. I have also recently had the privilege to take up the basics of falconry, handling some birds of prey belonging to good friends who are lifelong falconers. This will eventually lead on to me having my own hawk. This is a massive inspiration source for artistic energy!! I communicate my stories through images and I take great pleasure in taking somebody else’s passion, their dog, for instance, and creating a permanent piece of art for them to look at and enjoy in their home.

I am not a formally trained artist, in fact for years, I hadn’t even picked up a pencil until a four years ago, my partner saw some of my old work and suggested I join the local art group to get me back into it. I have never looked back. I have varying styles, depending on subject and media but the best way to describe it is true to how I see it or remember it and as close to the truth as possible. But not a photograph. I work mainly in hard pastel, pastel pencil and compressed charcoal. With these I can capture movement, form and texture with my fingers and finer detail with the pastel pencil.

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